The Beilstein-Institut supports ROR

ROR (Research Organization Registry) is a community-led registry of open, sustainable, usable, and unique identifiers for research organizations worldwide. With the registration, it is possible to connect researchers and research outputs to affiliations. The registry is community-led, completely open and focused specifically on the affiliation use case.

The Beilstein-Institut is recorded with the following ROR ID: Importantly, we now automatically collect ROR IDs for all articles we publish. The ROR IDs for each article are embedded in our freely accessible article metadata and are included in the metadata we send to Crossref and OA Switchboard.

We are looking forward to be part of the ROR community to increase the use of organization identifiers and to enable more efficient discovery and tracking of research outputs across institutions and funding bodies.

Read more about the ROR.


28 Jul 2022

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