Prof. Ernst Meyer

Associate Editor

Institute of Physics
Universität Basel

Scientific career

Since 1997 Professor of Experimental Physics (Ordinarius) at the Department of Physics at the Universität Basel, Switzerland
1992 - 1995 IBM Research Center Zurich, Switzerland
1990 Dr. phil. nat. on force microscopy with ionic crystals and layered materials at the Universität Basel


Research areas

His research is focused on the advancement of scanning probe microscopy. The interaction mechanisms of non-contact and contact force microscopy are investigated. Special emphasis is made on the dissipation mechanisms on the nanometer scale, where phenomena, such as atomic stick-slip are investigated.


Thematic Series

Prof. Meyer edited the Thematic Series in the Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology:

High-resolution electrical and chemical characterization of nm-scale organic and inorganic devices (together with Dr. Pierre Eyben)

Scanning probe microscopy and related methods


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